01-18-08, LearnTexasHoldem:

Top 10 Texas Holdem Tips - Beginners Guide

  • 1. Be aware of your position

    When you start out playing Texas holdem you probably won't understand the importance of your position at the table. But this can't be stressed enough. Having position on your opponents gives you a huge advantage. In position you can play more hands and have a lot more control over the progress of the hand. Always be cautious when you play out of position and only play premium hands.

  • 2. Don't play too many starting hands

    A sure way to lose money in Texas holdem is by playing too many hands. Playing bad starting hands will usually cost you a lot more than what you stand to win. And when you hit something with a hand you shouldn't be playing in the first place, it will usually only get you in trouble. This way you can spend your hardly earned sign-up bonus very fast.

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  • 3. Be aggressive

    A very common beginners mistake is to call too often and don't bet enough when you finally hit something. Being aggressive is important to protect made hands against draws and to make your opponents pay for your good hands. A rule of thumb is that you should be raising more often than calling.

  • 4. Know when to quit

    A costly problem for many players is not quitting in time. If you have a bad session and that last suckout on the river really gets to you, it's time to walk away. Never play if you are upset or if you start chasing your losses just to get even. This will affect your game and it's usually a sure way to lose money. Only play as long as you feel that you can play your best game.

  • 5. Don't fall in love with your starting hand

    As long as you're not holding the pocket rockets (AA) you should never be too fond of a starting hand. Always re-evaluate the situation on the flop and be ready to release your hand if you think that somebody's got you beat.

  • 6. Know the odds

    All experienced Texas holdem players know the basic odds by heart. You don't have time to calculate your chances to hit that flush (9 outs) in the middle of a hand. Most odds you need at the table are really basic and you will learn them quickly with some practice. Roughly speaking each out you have equals a 2% chance to hit your draw.

  • 7. Don't underestimate your opponents

    Underestimating the opposition is a common and costly mistake. The guy that called your bluff with king-high might not be a fish at all. Sure he could be a loose and reckless player, or he's just got a good read on your play. Don't jump to conclusions before you have enough information. Be humble and realize that there might be players better than you out there.

  • 8. Don't play out of your bankroll

    No matter how good a player you are, if you play out of your limits you are bound to lose your money sooner or later. It's a statistical fact; if you risk too much of your bankroll at the table, the statistical fluctuations will eventually make you go broke. As a recreational player you should at least have 20 buy-ins at the level you are playing.

  • 9. Bluff

    It's very important not to be too predictable when you play poker. If you only play premium hands and never bluff, your opponents will have an easy time reading you. You need to mix up your game and bluff from time to time. A bluff will both give you the chance to win the pot when you don't have the best hand and increase your chances to be paid off with your premium hands.

  • 10. Never take it personal

    In order to succeed in holdem you need to keep your cool. Never let the acts of other players get to you. So your opponent hit his three-outer on the river - it happens. If bad players never managed to suck out they wouldn't play at all. Some players also use trash talk as part of their strategy in an attempt to get you off balance. If things that happen at the table start to affect you it's time to take a break.


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