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Online Poker Versus Regular Poker

If you are new to playing poker, then one decision you may have to make is whether you want to go to a casino to play live poker, or play at an online poker room. This article (and site really) is specifically about texas holdem poker. Most likely some of the topics covered here could apply to other poker games but holdem is our poker game of choice. We will cover some strengths of playing online including play poker for fun, online holdem tournaments, micro limits and more hands per hour. Then we will also cover some strengths of playing in brick and mortar live games including how loose the games are, the level of skill of the other players, seeing a person face-to-face, and sheer overall fun/excitement.

Online Poker Rules Versus Casino Live Poker Rules Texas Holdem is technically the same game regardless of whether you play online or in a casino. You won't find many differences in rules between the poker games you find in a typical casino/cardroom compared the rules in an online poker room. That means if you learn in one, then most likely you won't have to learn any new rules to play in the other. There may be a few things specific to each cardroom or online site but usually it is pretty much identical. Some of the these features might include "kill games", a different blind structure or promotional features. A kill game is a poker game in which if a player wins two consecutive hands the next hand is twice the limit/stakes as the previous. This continues until the person loses. So if you were playing a $5/10 game it would jump to a $10/20 game for the next hand and it would stay there until the "killer" didn't win the hand. As far as promotion features go, some cardrooms and online sites have jackpots for high hands, bad beat jackpots or even "rack attacks" where they place a rack of chips in the pot and whoever wins the next hand gets it all. So if both online poker rules and casino poker rules are usually identical then is it worth even writing about the other differences? I think so. I've played a lot of both online texas holdem and regular texas holdem at casinos/cardrooms and it is much different. Which venue you choose to learn and play in will matter and this article will try to explain the main differences.

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