02-12-08, LearnTexasHoldem:

Runner-runner Straight Flush

i'll keep it quick....

short handed, 3 people left in a tourney. one guy was being VERY aggressive, TOO aggressive in fact. hes to my right. and raises. im getting short stacked after a couple bad beats...

Top 3 Beginner Rooms

this guy raises, i have K9 D's and go all in, he calls. flips over 36 off. 3 of D's. flop comes i think 26Q of D's or something like that. i'm good...right?

the thing is, as soon as i saw SUCH a brutal hand by him, i knew instantly i would lose. it just happens that way ALL THE TIME. after the flop...i thought i was good for about 0.3 seconds, then called the runner runner double gut shot 4 card straight flush.... turn 5 of D...river 4 of D for double gut shot, runner runner 4 card straight flush.... 0.1% chance or so....hahaha.

if I bet on all the bad beats i call, EVERY DAY, i would be a millionaire.

/ Tom

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