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Who Wins When no one has Anything...

Question: Great website! My question is for at-home playing: the remaining two players held cards that had no significance with the community cards. For example, the community cards were 2c,4h,6c,Qd,9s. Player 1 held 7s,Ad. Player 2 held 3c,10d. How is the money then distributed? Is there even a winner? How does that work? Thanks!

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Answer: This goes back to the rule that the best five cards win. Player 1 would have Ad, Qd, 9s, 7s, 6c versus Player 2s Qd, 10d, 9s, 7s, 6c. Notice that Player one has Ace high and Player 2 only has Queen high. That means Player 1 would win the whole pot with his high card of an Ace. This happens often in short handed games or higher limit games when less people are in each hand. That is also why AK is such a good hand because if neither one of you catch something, which is likely, then you win.

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