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When Two Players Have a Full House


I was playing holdem and a problem came up. The flop comes out k 8 8. I'm holding A 8, I bet twice the pot. I get 1 guy to call so I put him on a k. Next card comes out k so I think sweet full house. The other guy goes all in and I call. I am right he has the k. The river comes and it is an A so I think I am a winner but the table tells me I am a loser because the other guy has 3 K's and 2 8's. I have 3 8's and 2 A's. Why do i lose...

Please help me


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Hi Rich,

Unfortunately the site was right in this case. When two players have a full house, the player with the highest three of a kind wins the hand. In this case the three kings beat the three eights. If both players have the same three of a kind, the player with the highest pair wins. If both players have the same full house, they split the pot between them.

In the hand you describe, when the king comes on the turn you should get very suspicious. You already suspected that your opponent had a king, and when a second king hits the board your full house is nothing to get too excited about. Such a "sucker full house" is just the kind of hand that will get you in big trouble.

Since you don't say anything about the stack sizes or how much your opponent bets compared to the pot, it is hard to judge the situation and tell if your call was okay or not. But when he moves all-in on the turn and you suspect he has a bigger full house, this could be a good place to make a big lay down.

You had a correct read on your opponent, that's good, but you also need to have the confidence to act on your reads!

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