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What Is Low Limit Poker

Question: Hello, I am very confused about what exactly low limit holdem is. Is it a part of Fixed limit holdem or No limit holdem, or both. i used to think it was low limit vs. no limit, implying that there was a limit in the amount u can bet but then i began to think it was a .25/.50 or $ 1/2 structure in a no limit game. is that correct? is it possilbe ot have a low limit game in fixed limits? Hope i didnt confuese you and thanks in advance. By the way this is by far one of the most helpfull websites you can find on the net.

- Evan

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Answer: There are a couple terms that sound similar so things can be confusing.

First there are a few different types of betting structures. There is:

Limit - where you have set increments each betting round on how much you can wager.

Pot Limit - where you have a minimum and the pot acts as the maximum you can wager.

No Limit - where at any time you can wager all your chips.

Low limit poker could be any one of these. Low limit means basically, the bets are small -- little money. Low limit poker could be played with a No Limit structure, Limit structure or Pot Limit structure.

First there is low limit poker, then middle limit, then high limit or another term is high stakes. The cut off point for this is usually like this for limit poker:

0 - 15/30 -- low limit

15/30 - 40/80 -- middle limit

40/80 -- up -- high limit

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