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What does "kill" mean?

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My question deals with the "Kill" term! I noticed some Holdem Tournaments use this term and I was wondering what it means?



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Answer: I'm not sure what "kill" means with regard to tournaments. All though it may mean the same thing that it does for regular games. A kill game modifies the size of the limit on the following hand if someone wins twice in a row.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you are paying a $2/4 texas holdem kill game. That means that if you win twice in a row, the next hand jumps to $4/8. It remains that way until you lose, then it goes back to $2/4. Also when you are the "killer", the person who won two hands before, then you have to post a blind regardless if you are in that position or not (and you get to act last).

Basically all this does is make the game a little more exciting since a good portion of the pots are double the size they regularly are. I'm not a huge fan of the kill games but some of my friends are. I don't like to put too much weight on one hand.

For example, if I have won three pots already and then lose a pot when it is "killed" I end up losing way more then I would have if it remained at the same level. The flip is true though too, if you win that one kill pot then you can be up a lot. Kill games are really popular in CA. Most of the time the "kill" is double the size of the regular limit but there are other variations (half kill, etc).

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