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Rebuy Questions

Question: Great site, lots of good info.

I am playing my first multi table no limit tourney next week. It's an $80 buy in with unlimited $50 re buys for the first 90 minutes and a $50 add on at 90 minutes. There are 4 qualifying sessions of around 250 people, and the top 25 from each session advance to the finals. The blinds go up every 15 minutes, which is pretty fast, so my questions are these:

Top 3 Beginner Rooms

Should I re buy immediately, or wait until I lose some (hopefully that won't happen)?

2) Should I use the add on even if I have a decent stack, just to boost my stack a little?

3) How should I adjust my play? I am a tight aggressive player, should I loosen up?

4) Finally should I play in more than one qualifier to boost my odds of making it to the finals (I know this is allowed), or should I use all my cash to re buy and add on? (I have about $350 to spend on this tourney)

Thanks in advance.

Answer: These are pretty tough questions. I'll do my best to give some useful advice but take it with a grain of salt.

1. Since you have a limited bankroll and want to play in multiple qualifiers then I wouldn't rebuy immediately. I would rebuy if you are down in chips and if you do win a hand it wouldn't matter. I would rebuy enough to keep myself in the running. If you look at everyone's chip stacks you want to be at the middle for the worst case scenario; anything below that and you are in trouble.

2. I don't see anything wrong with a rebuy just to increase your chip stack.

3. I can't tell you what style will work at your table. Since the rounds are so fast and they allow rebuys people may be taking advantage of tighter players by making more plays at pots. You never know how the table will be until you sit down. I would loosen up some since they do allow the rebuys, just make sure you pay attention to who is playing tight and loose. Regardless of whether you play loose or tight, you need to maintain your aggressiveness -- especially for a fast tourney. Be the bettor in every hand you want to win unless you have a good reason to only call.

4. This last question ties into some of the other questions above. If you are planning to play only one qualifier then I would definitely get as many chips as I could to start with. I would also play more aggressively at the first few rounds. Another way to go would be to play the first qualifier with just one rebuy and see how you do. Maybe you'll feel more comfortable in the next couple ones after your nerves settle down.

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