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Check And Call Definitions...

Question: Hi your site has everything anyone needs to know about Texas Hold'em but there are still two questions I have. I watch the world series of poker on TV and hear the players "check" what does that mean. My second question is what do you do when someone calls.

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Answer: Thanks for the questions. In Texas Holdem Poker you are faced with four decisions (call, bet/raise, check, fold):

- Fold - throw your hand away and you lose all chance of winning the pot. You are essentially removed from the hand.

- Check - this move basically means you pass and other players after you act. You are still very much in the hand though unlike folding. You still retain your cards and if they bet the action returns to you and you have to either call, raise or fold. If everyone decides to check, then the next round happens.

- Call - this is to match someone's bet. For example if you bet $5 and I "called" that would mean that I put in $5 in chips.

- Raise - this is to increase the bet amount. For example, if you bet $5 and I raised, I would make it $10 total. Then you would either have to "call" the $10 by putting in another $5 or you could fold or even reraise.

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