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Ace high flushes

Question: If two players hold pocket clubs and the ACE of CLUBS falls in the cimmunity cards, that means that flush is an ace high flush, but will it be shared by both players no matter if one player has the king.

Exaplin to me the rules considering a flush when the ACE of that suit is on the table?

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Answer: It's funny that you just sent this in because not five minutes ago I was talking about that with my girlfriend. The rule for evaluating hands is that the best five cards win from the seven available (community cards and personal cards); There is one exception to this though and that is with flushes. When evaluating flushes, the person with the highest club wins even if the Ace is on the board.

For example, if you have K2clubs and your buddy has QJclubs and the flop puts the Ace high flush up, you win. This never made any sense to me because you both have an Ace high flush, but that is just the way it is. One more example should make things crystal clear. Let's say that the flop, turn and river are this: Ac - Kc - Qc - Jc - 5c

You have 6c6s

Your friend has 4c4s

You win the pot since you can beat the board. His 4's can't beat the 5c on the river so he has to play the board.

Make sure you understand this concept because it comes up frequently when the flop is all one suit.

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