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Odds Calculator

Analyze your poker game

Texas Hold'em is a game of odds, and playing around with the odds calculator will give you a better feel for the game. What chances to pocket kings actually have against pocket aces? Is JTs a really a strong hand heads-up?

Calculating poker odds is absolutely essential for good decisions at the poker table. This poker odds calculator is a very handy tool when you analyze your key hands after a poker game or poker tournament.

You can also look at hands you've played, and find out just how big a favorite (or underdog) you were to win. "The fish only had 10% to hit his gut-shot straight draw!" Using the odds calculator is fun and interesting, and it can help you improve your Texas Hold'em game.

1. Specify what poker game you played - whether it's Texas Holdem or another poker variation, the number of players in the hand.
2.Chose the cards of each player and also the board cards, if it's not before the flop.
3.Click on Calculate to see the resulting winning chances for the hands involved.

To learn about poker odds I recommend that you play on a poker site that offers free poker. In doing so, you will realize how much you benefit from knowing the odds and probabilities that surround poker - and without having to wager a dime, you'll get priceless poker knowledge.



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