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Don't muck winning hands


I have a real quick question on mucking. We are playing hold em and there are only two people in after all the cards are on the board. Player one goes all in and player two says "I call" but flips his cards face up on the muck pile.

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Player two clearly has player one beat but the pot was awarded to player one because it was said player two folded cause his cards touched the muck (but his pocket cards were clearly face up and the muck was face down). I think player two still wins as he did make the call and his cards were the better hand.


The rule is clear: If your cards touch the muck, it's considered a fold. It doesn't matter if the cards are turned face-up or face-down. Therefore, the ruling was correct, and the player with the inferior hand should take down the pot. In a friendly home game, however, I don't think you should follow this rule too rigorously. I mean, it's pretty obvious that the player who held best hand made an honest mistake rather than tried to cheat. But if you want to follow the rules, the hand is dead.

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