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The best bonus offers are the ones that give you the most money for the least effort. 888poker is a good friend to anyone trying to carve out a piece of the poker cake.   $888 Read Review
Definitely one of the best poker sites, but the best bonus is usually to be found elsewhere.   $600 Read Review

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Pros and Cons Of Online Poker Bonuses

There are pros and cons when it comes to online poker bonuses.

Pros: Free Money

Yes. It is true. At the very core of an online poker bonus is free money. Whether the bonus is a straight-laced cash bonus, like a $50 referral bonus, or a $25 sign up bonus, the sponsoring site is depositing this free money into your account. There is no denying the fact the money is there. How can this not be a good thing?

Pros: Availability

Online poker bonuses are readily available. They are offered by most online poker rooms as an enticing incentive to join the site. Since the poker market is so competitive, it bodes well for the availability of online poker bonuses. The more sites there are, the more bonuses there are. Also, since there is competition, it means some of the sites will offer bigger and better bonuses. In addition, many sites offer special bonus codes. Bonus codes can lead to additional bonuses that are usually not offered by a site. It is the readily availability of the online poker bonus that gives an experienced poker player the leverage to bounce around from site to site, collecting and cashing bonuses along the way.

Cons: Hard To Claim

The biggest obstacle in claiming an online poker bonus is the fine print. Every site is different, therefore it is essential to read the terms and conditions of each site to determine how hard or easy it will be to claim the bonus. If a site has an easy to claim bonus schedule, then that's good. Unfortunately, most sites have complicated and complex bonus schedules that often make the bonus not seem so much like a bonus, but rather a trap to get the player to commit a lot of time and money to a particular site. A complicated bonus schedule does not bode well for the enticing appeal of a bonus. If a player feels like they have to run a marathon just for a little snack, they may not bother to partake in the chase.

Cons: Experience Needed

Sometimes, if a bonus is complicated to claim, it is essential for the poker player to have rake game experience or they may wind up losing a lot of money trying to claim a bonus. If a bonus is not immediately awarded, and is based on the amount played at the site, the bonus itself may be moot since the average player may not last long enough to claim it. To be sure, a player needs a lot of experience when it comes to managing, navigating and profiting in the intricate complex world of online poker bonuses.