07- 7-05, LearnTexasHoldem:

Losing To One Outer

I recently suffered to worst beat you can take. I have 8-4 offsuit in the small blind, everyone folds around so and we are still early so I call for a very small amount and the big blind check.

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Flop comes 884, so I check because the other player tends to bet at anything, but he checks as well. Fouth street is a 10 and I decide to fire at the pot, I get called so I put him on a 10, and guess what comes on 5th? Yet another ten. I bet, he raises, I have to call even though I am postive I am beat, and he turns over 10-3. The worst part is another played told me he folded a 10, so my opponent literally had the worst odds to win the hand that are possible, he could only win if both 10's hit. To make the story even better, the next week the same player beat me on hands of AJ vs J10 (he floped an ace high straight), AQ, vs QJ and knocked me out with AK vs A10 in a five hand span. On the plus side, I know I can't even take a worst beat, so i guess that is good....right?

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