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A few "Who wins?"

We get a lot of questions regarding who should win the pot, and have answered a few of them below. The most important thing is to remember that you always use exactly five cards to make the best possible hand in Texas Hold'em, and that you can combine your hole cards and the cards on the board any way you like.

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Question 1

Help, could you please clarify whom is the winner of the pot below?

To protect their identity fake names are used

Board: Ks 8s Qs 2s 7s
Alice: 3h 4d
Carol: Js 9c
Bob: Ac 9s

I will not bore you with the details of whom I am so that your decision is unbiased.

Thanks in advance for clarification on this matter.


Answer: Carol is the winner of this hand thanks to the Js in her hand. All players have a king-high flush, but Carol has the best five-card hand with Ks-Qs-Js-8s-7s over Bob's Ks-Qs-9s-8s-7s, and over Alice who is playing the board.

Question 2


A group of us were playing a game of poker and a hand was played were three people had the same class of hand (a flush). An argument started out as to who should win.

The five cards on the table were as:

K(d), 9(d), 5(d), 4(d), 6(c)

The cards in the players' hands were as follows:

Player 1 - 10(d), 8(h)
Player 2 - 8(d), Ace(s)
Player 3 - J(d), 9(c)

Who should win this hand? I said player 2, because although they are all playing a flush, they are all using the king in it. As player 2 has an ace as an odd highest card, player two should win.



Answer: Actually Player 3 wins this pot, thanks to the Jd. Just like in the example above, all players have a king-high flush but the second-highest diamond-card makes Player 3 the winner.

Question 3

I have a question about texas hold-em:

Me and my husband were the last two left in the game, and both of us had in our hands an ace and a king, his were spades and mine were clubs. Now laid down was an ace and a king and 3 other numbers, and we both got 2 pair, of kings and aces. So how do u know who wins the hand?? We both had the same cards, what do u do??

Please help me!!


Answer: If no one made a flush you have the same hand, and you should split the pot. When two players have the same two pair, the "kicker" (the highest of the non-pair cards) decides who wins, but in this case you and your husband have the same kicker (the highest card on the board aside from the ace and the king), and thus it's a split pot.

Question 4

Can you please tell me which hand wins.

Here is the flop k,j,5,5,2

Hands: k2, and k7,


Answer: This is a split pot since both players can make the same five-card hand: K-K-5-5-J.

Question 5

Who wins this hand?

Player 1) Ace clubs / Q spades
Player 2) 7 diamond / 5 hearts

Table: 9c 9d 8h 8c 7c

Player 1 ace high?
Player 2 with 7?

I thought it was best 5


Answer: Player 1 wins the hand thanks two the ace in his hand. Both players have two pair 9's and 8's but the ace kicker (se above) gives Player 1 the pot.

Question 6

When there is pairs of J's, pairs 10's, and a 7 on the table.

one players has a pair of 4's
second player has a k and a 3

Who wins?

Answer: The second player wins this hand thanks to the king in his hand. Both players have two pair J's and T's but the king kicker (se above) gives the second player the pot.

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